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Bruciatore Premix

Details that matter


Thanks to its pre-mixed burning technology (the air-LPG-gas mix is performed upstream of the burning head), PREMIX burner, available in two different models, RX250 and RX350, that is correspondingly for mild climates and for cold climates, can optimise flame modulation, bring down fuel consumption and substantially reduce CO- and NO-emissions.
Easy modulation, no need for a heat exchanger or a fumes suction pipe, compact structure of the flame (thanks to the manufacturer’s patented special distribution shield cap), low tick-over rating, higher air speed (thanks to the lack of boiler and air flow grilles). These are only some of the details which make PREMIX burner the number one as regards efficiency and performance.

I vantaggi del
Bruciatore Premix

  • Low NO emissions
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Low CO emission levels
  • Reduced consumption

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