Smart Equipments

Touch Screen

Fast and Intuitive


Choosing to install a TOUCH SCREEN control panel means having the control of every function of the plant within “one’s finger’s” reach.
It can be available in two versions: 5.7 inches and 10.4 inches. These will make all working phases substantially easier.
Information, setting and configuration screens of all working phases can be visualized by means of simple and intuitive steps.
Our technical staff’s technological developments allow furthermore a fast diagnosis of the plant via internet, making maintenance and updating procedures quick and immediate."

Your work is safe!

All parameters of every phase, from the flash-off to the bake and the cooling, can be saved within the Control Panel memory and displayed any time one has to face a working procedure, which is completely similar to the saved one.


Smart Equipment

Bake Profiles

Bake ProfilesThanks to the flexibility of our software program, up to five different time and temperature parameters can be set up for the same paint bake-phase (that is in general the most delicate), according to its different specific properties.

Smart Equipment

Waterborne coatings cycle

Waterborne coatings cycleOur Control Panel does not only enables the standard Bake Cycle but also a special pre-dry cycle for water paint, named Fast Dry.

Smart Equipment

Fast Diagnosis

Fast DiagnosisFast Diagnosis via Internet

Smart Equipment

Updated by Compact Flash

Updated by Compact FlashUpdated by Compact Flash