Smart Equipments

Wind System

9 times faster


The WIND SYSTEM improves flash and cure times by evenly increasing air velocity within the paint booth providing an extra boost to air movement that’s particularly useful when using waterborne coatings.
Ceiling filters channel pre-filtered cabin air through ductwork to specially-designed blowers located on the exterior of the paint booth. The blowers expedite air velocity up to nine times faster than standard booth air flow and distribute the amplified air to the Wind System’s corner wall panels. Each corner panel features four nozzles that disperse air evenly throughout the booth.
When not in use, pneumatic door covers automatically protect nozzles from accidental painting, which in turn optimizes air cleanliness during operation.

I vantaggi del
Sistema Wind

  • Flash time reduction: Up to 50%
  • Curing time reduction: up to 60%
  • Energy saving: up to 30%