Nova Verta International S.p.A. spraying systems can boast high performance and technological efficiency together with high-tech features, high levels of productivity and respect for the environment and health. Versatility and flexibility characterize Nova Verta International products that can be used in many different industrial sectors further to the automotive one.

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Who are we?

Nova Verta International S.p.A. is synonymous with reliability and high performance in painting, drying, heating and air treatment solutions all over the world. Thanks to its downdraft technology that is entirely made in Italy, the name Nova Verta International stands for top quality in the sector of painting systems worldwide. Continuous research for improvement and a network of experienced professionals have contributed to successfully expanding Nova Verta International towards new markets. Technology and quality, internationalization and effective distribution networks are the factors that have most contributed to our success.

Our History

50 years of business trends and cutting-edge designs: Nova Verta International S.p.A., over the years, has been developing an unmatched service of design and customization, which has become one of its flagship: Its customers’ satisfaction, all over the world, has a central role in the corporate philosophy, which is expressed in providing high technology products and a quick and efficient service in pre and after sales. Nova Verta International S.p.A. is able to match, in a balanced way, quality, performances and ethics with its customers’ needs and to establish a very strong synergy between this philosophy and its brand around the world.